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The work of FASA focuses, as implied by the mission and vision, with advancing and nurturing an institutional culture that supports both the individual professional aspirations of faculty and academic staff and the collective mission and values of the university. To accomplish this mission, which is closely aligned with and in support of MSU’s Strategic Plan, FASA focuses its work on addressing several key areas (which are closely related and interwoven):

  • Policies, Resources, and Processes that relate to Faculty and Academic Staff and their Work; 
  • Academic Leadership, Faculty, and Academic Staff Employment Processes (searches, academic labor bargaining, evaluation, career progress, salary); 
  • FAS Performance, Conduct, and Compliance 
  • Professional and Leadership Development for FAS Success
  • Organizational Development and Culture Building 
  • Liaison Work and Relationship Building
The Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs team works closely with MSU Human Resources on issues that are cross-cutting for faculty, academic staff, and University support staff, e.g. records, employee benefits, etc.

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FASA Supports:

  • Aligned faculty affairs policies
  • Strategic support and analysis
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Faculty affairs and leadership effectiveness

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FASA supports faculty and academic staff with ongoing exchanges and consultations

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FASA collaborates with partners across campus and strives to address and meet stakeholder interests

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FASA collaborates with Academic Governance to advance policies and procedures that promote a productive, respectful, and inclusive work environment

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